Customers increasingly need all their financial information in one place. With this key point in mind, the Mobey Forum looks towards the future of open banking and offers insight from the entire industry, from both large banks and FinTech firms. Strategic discussion at these events help banks stay ahead of the curve and be in the know for latest field developments.

Just this past March, the Strands Chief Product & Innovation Officer Luis Rodriguez was named to the Mobey Forum 2019 Board of Directors. His expertise lies in Machine Learning and AI in financial services. Luis played a large role in this year’s Mobey Day in Toronto, which focused on monetizing API’s and creating profitable business models.

Luis Rodriguez presented notable results from Mobey’s customer satisfaction survey and relayed his insights about consumers’ readiness for open banking. Furthermore, he moderated the interesting panel discussion “Strategic Options for Banks” with input from experts in the financial space including Mario Brkic from Erste Bank, Erland Sundvor from Eika Bank Group, and Kasper Sylvest from Danske Bank.


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