Singapore and Suzhou are renowned business hubs, and as such it’s no surprise that innovative technology is a main focus. As cities positioned to be future-centric, both demonstrate interest in the growth of cutting-edge technology and FinTech services.

Through Temenos Asia Pacific, Stranders from the Kuala Lumpur branch were invited to the inaugural Sino-Singapore FinTech Expo, which took place from May 15-16th in Suzhou, China. What’s exciting is a number of major banks from China, approximately 20, were in attendance and Strands Kuala Lumpur grasped this opportunity to showcase our innovative Strands product suite.

This area shows great potential for growth, as Suzhou and Singapore’s FinTech associations recently signed a memorandum of understanding in support of mutual growth in FinTech for both countries. With over 5000 local and international attendees at the Sino-Singapore FinTech Expo, this event successfully facilitated the exchange of expertise between industry leaders. As this FinTech ecosystem now expands, Stranders can look forward to additional summits and seminars in the Southeast Asian FinTech space.

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