How to Improve the Digital Banking Experience by Using Real-Time Recommendations

Retail banks often struggle to improve engagement and extend long-term value to their customers. A shortage of relevant data leaves them unable to make good recommendations and bring more people to their products.

Do not miss this video in which our team of panellists share their knowledge and experience on how behavioural and transactional data combined with advanced machine learning algorithms can facilitate a better, more engaging and delightful digital banking experience for banking customers.

In this joint webinar organised by credolab and Strands, you can learn:

  • What is alternative data and machine learning?
  • The relationship between alternative data (behavioural and transactional), machine learning and traditional scoring models.
  • Delivering relevant product recommendations while still complying with data privacy regulations.
  • How can banks help customers improve their liquidity management?

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Publication Date: November 15, 2021