Strands was invited to the workshop “Helping SMEs go Global – Moving Forward in SME Finance”. The event brings together G20 members, financial firms and SMEs themselves.

Easing the access to finance and helping SMEs to catch up with large firms and to go global is not only beneficial for financial inclusion, but can also contribute immensely to growth and the resilience of our economies. The German G20 has three clear priorities for the workshop: enhance resilience shape digitization and support investment in SME finance. The aim of the G20 Action Plan on SME Financing is to encourage adoption of policies that have been shown to improve SME access to finance and thus market entry and growth potential of new firms.

Strands believes that there is a growing opportunity for banks to become SME´s digital disruption partner through harnessing our capabilities in big data and customer behavior analytics. Easing SME access to finance and making sure that SMEs take the next step to join global value chains is one of the objectives Strands is striving for.

“Banks have a once in a generation opportunity to redefine their relationship with SMEs. This will allow them to energize their entire business model towards innovation, customer loyalty and increased revenues. The smart bank will empower SMEs with added-value online services and become their trusted finance management partner. This is the new era in SME banking” – Oscar Sala.

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