We’ve officially launched Strands and Mastercard’s joint cash flow solution at Finovate Spring in San Francisco this week, sharing the stage with our strategic partners to bring a new solution to the market.

SME Cash Flow Manager is a suite of SME digital finance tools that empowers banks to become their business owner’s trusted advisor, by giving small businesses what they want: cash flow solutions that are contextual, highly synchronized with accounting and invoicing tools that help them become more efficient whilst freeing up time.  82% of small businesses that fail, do so as a result of poor cash flow management, so our combined offering stands to help a lot of people.

Banks are able to offer clients Mastercard value-added services – including access to 30-days free credit when liquidity issues occur -establishing new revenue streams and consolidating their relationship with this important, yet historically underserved segment.

By working together, Strands and Mastercard can help SMEs manage their finances more efficiently, improve their business’ stability and scale up.

Finovate has been a resounding success and our presentation was well received by the audience and visitors to our Strands/Mastercard stand. This is just the start of an amazing journey to bring better experiences to SME customers!