The cashflow-centric banking experience for small businesses

Strands and Mastercard paired up to demo at Finovate Spring in San Francisco earlier this month, presenting the SME Cash Flow Manager, fruit of their strategic partnership.   Mastercard’s Jay Singer and Strands’ GM for the Americas, Cesar Richardson took to the stage to present a solution which will help small business better manage their cash flow — the key to their survival — and operate their businesses more effectively.  

82% of small businesses that fail, fail because of poor cash flow management. Jay Singer, Mastercard

The tool combines Strands’ Business Financial Management (BFM), the Engagermachine learning insights engine and Mastercard technology.

With almost 30 million small businesses in the US alone and despite being one of the most lucrative business segments and a potentially huge source of revenue for banks, the SME remains an enigma for banks.  With their combined experience, Strands and Mastercard have developed this innovative solution to tap into the main pain points small businesses face.

Benefits include:

  • Instant credit to solve negative cash flow situations
  • Integrated Mastercard virtual credit card platform for increased online security
  • Connection to third-party accounting software such as Sage and Quickbooks
  • Overall view of entire financial life