A few months ago, Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in the world, introduced to its clients in Germany a new personal financial management tool called FinanzPlaner. With the implementation of this innovative solution, the bank takes its online and mobile banking presence to the next level and enhances its leadership position in the FinTech race.

FinanzPlaner empowers customers to have more control over their finances and realize the goals they aspire to achieve. Analysis and management of personal finance is now more intuitive and engaging. This solution is powered by Strands PFM, an award-winning white label application that drives financial engagement between account holders and financial institutions.

The launch of the first version as a web and tablet-hybrid application has been very successful. Now more than 5 million online banking users can start managing their finances in a new way. There is already a rapidly growing number of registered users and the feedback has been extremely positive.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with the leading bank in Germany and one of the top banks in the world, helping them to lead the digital banking era,” said Erik Brieva, CEO of Strands. “We would like to thank all the Deutsche Bank team members for this great experience of working together!”

Thanks to the agile scrum methodology used in this project, the solution was implemented with an unprecedented speed for both Strands and an IT project ever done within Deutsche Bank. The bank continues to work hard together with the Strands’ team on the next implementations that will be released later in 2015.