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Strands is pleased to announce the partnership with PostFinance, a leading financial institution and payment transactions provider in Switzerland. Strands Finance’s market-leading technology, Strands PFM, is incorporated into PostFinance’s new powerful PFM tool, E-Cockpit, and is now available to the 2.8 million retail banking clients.

“By partnering with Strands Finance we’ve created E-Cockpit, an innovative new tool that helps our customers see from where they get their money and what they spend it on,” says David Heger, E-Finance Manager. “E-Cockpit is yet another example of how PostFinance uses innovative technology to help customers independently manage their finances.”

“We are very pleased to add PostFinance to our world class list of clients,” says Ed Chang, CEO of Strands Finance. “E-Cockpit demonstrates again how the innovative Strands PFM solution can be integrated into an existing online banking platform and customized to meet the specific needs of an FI and their customers.”

For more information about PostFinance and E-Cockpit, visit their site.