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"Strands is the right partner for Huntington because they are a leader in this area and their capabilities match our needs perfectly"

Mark Sheehan, Payments and Channels Director

"The conversations we had with Strands from day one gave us a clear indication of how to better meet customer needs. The journey, since we began working together in 2015, until we launched in 2017, has been nothing short of tremendous"

Isaac Awuondo, Group Managing Director

"My Money Manager (powered by Strands) provides our customers with deep financial insights, an excellent user experience and an ability to manage their money on the move through our online channels"

John Brennan, Head of Online Channel Development

"Our development depended on the kind of expertise offered by an international FinTech like Strands. Our clients benefit not only from easier, more-effective money management, but also long-term financial education to improve their futures"

Pablo Gutierrez Oyhanarte, Manager of Move

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