This coming January 19th 2016 marks the very first FinTech Unconference (#uFinTech) in Spain. For an entire day, 60 major leaders from the FinTech space will gather in Madrid to debate the state of the sector in Spain, discuss principal challenges and ways to overcome obstacles facing the industry. Topics to be covered include digital assets, blockchain, robo advisors, financial regulation and more.

What makes #uFinTech especially exciting? Only CEOs and founders are invited to attend this exclusive event, along with sponsors, which should result in more pointed and substantial “insider” discussions about the future of Spanish FinTech.

Further, the Unconference format – renowned for no-nonsense, straight talk – is one of the most powerful ways to get down to the core issues of a young yet extremely dynamic industry that has seen exponential growth in recent years.

“After attending a great deal of FinTech conferences and events in the last few years, many are too self-congratulatory and only a handful truly succeed in generating an honest conversation about our dynamic and challenging sector,” remarked Strands CEO Erik Brieva. “These events are usually put on by consultancies or FIs who act more like observers and lack in-depth insights that we FinTechs have about what the industry’s next steps should be.”

fintech unconference madrid

The 2016 FinTech Unconference is being sponsored by Google, Self Bank, and will take place at the Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles (IEB) in Madrid. This event will unite the vanguard of the “nueva banca” or “new bank”, a sector in which Spain is aiming for a major position.

Today the country counts 78 FinTech startups, a number that recently doubled thanks to an upshot in FinTech investments which last year reached a total of 200 million Euros in Spain alone. Investments in FinTech are expected to triple and the number of Spanish FinTechs is projected to double in 2016. In this process the traditional bank is also positioned to collaborate or invest in FinTech, which is set to account for 10% of business in the financial sector in the next 5 years.

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