Albert Morales takes part in the World Savings Banks Institute event in São Paulo

Albert Morales takes part in the World Savings Banks Institute event in São Paulo

Strands’ VP Product Management, Albert Morales, led the “Customer Engagement” roundtable at the World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI) GRULAC Innovation Workshop in São Paulo, home of a highly active financial sector and the biggest in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Attendees of the session were split into workgroups and were given a specific FinTech business area to discuss in depth, such as:

  • How can banks create a genuine customer-centricity approach?
  • How is the finance sector going to develop better customer engagement?
  • Which trends are affecting banking?
  • What are the challenges that financial institutions need to overcome in order to innovate and thrive?
  • What are the steps they need to take to provide customers with value-added offers?

Together with Albert, a delegation of banking and technology experts from all around the world gathered in São Paulo to tackle how to get the most out of new technologies and take Customer Engagement, Data, and Partnerships to the next level.

Strands at Digital Bank Latam in Mexico City

Strands at Digital Bank Latam in Mexico City

Strands’ CMO, Victoria Yasinetskaya; LATAM Sales Director, Pablo Gutierrez; and Open Banking Advisor, Mario Bricio, participated in ‘Digital Bank Latam’ —a leading banking conference hosted in Mexico City this week. The theme of the event was the future of retail and SME banking.

During their presentation, Victoria talked about how Strands accelerates the banks’, and how financial institutions can stay competitive through innovation.

She explained how the market landscape in banking is transforming with both tech giants and neo-banks disrupting the market, and offered the top 10 recommendations from Strands:

  1. Engage and empower your customers
  2. Appeal to millennials and digital natives
  3. Improve the omni-channel experience
  4. Provide a holistic view of the finances
  5. Help people manage their finances
  6. Leverage big data
  7. Create personalised experiences
  8. Generate new revenue streams
  9. Accelerate product innovation
  10. Partner with a FinTech provider

Bank’s bottom line is Strands’ top priority. As the FinTech partner for financial institutions, Strands technology gives banks an edge over the competition, speeds up internal processes and helps them reap the benefits of a more engaged relationship with their customers.

Pablo also shared insights on Strands’ Financial Suite products, a set of white-label solutions that help banks empower people in life (Retail Banking) and business (SME Banking). He emphasised that Strands has a proven track record in AI & personalization, and that the company has carried out more than 600 implementations to date.

Digital Bank Latam is an organization dedicated to promote and raise awareness about programs, knowledge and activities that accelerate digital banking experiences of excellence and innovation.

Luis Rodríguez joins the Board of Directors at Mobey Forum

Luis Rodríguez joins the Board of Directors at Mobey Forum

Chairman of the Board at Mobey Forum, Jordi Guaus, announced today that Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Strands, Luis Rodriguez, has been welcomed to the Board of Directors 2019.

Luis also co-chairs Mobey Forum’s Open Banking Expert Group, helping banks to understand the opportunities behind PSD2, of other similar regulations such as OFX, and how to take advantage of these regulations to enable a new relationship model with their customers.

Mobey Forum is a global association empowering financial institutions to shape the future of digital financial services.


Strands & Mobey Forum celebrate their 3rd anniversary


Strands joined Mobey Forum as members in 2016, drawing on their years of expertise in business strategies and technologies to create innovative, interoperable and competitive digital financial services.

“Strands has been an invaluable Advisory Member of Mobey Forum for the past 3 years. They have led our Open Banking Expert Group, contributing to the discussion and analysis with their expertise and insights. Strands has also been a valued member of Mobey Forum’s Board of Directors since 2018, helping to define Mobey’s strategy and direction in an era of disruption. We value Strand’s participation in Mobey Forum and look forward to continued collaboration in shaping the future of financial services.” — Elina Mattila, Executive Director at Mobey Forum

Mobey Forum creates a unique quality of interaction and insight for its members, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

Strands at Mobile World Congress 2019

Strands at Mobile World Congress 2019

Barcelona is one of the best ecosystems in the world for technology and finance hubs, with the talent, infrastructure, capital, and regulation.

During the MWC19 week, Strands joined four different events to talk about:

  • Digital ethics policies and best practices
  • Share a perspective of the new finance marketplace
  • Present the company as a case study for R+D+i
  • Demo our mobile SME banking solution


Inclusive AI: FinTech perspective

Digital Future Society at MWC19 Barcelona is where policymakers, entrepreneurs, civic leaders and forward thinkers converge to explore how we might build a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive future in the digital era.

In this context, Victoria Yasinetskaya, VP Marketing at Strands, gave a pitch presentation on Strands best practices in digital ethics during the parallel session “A New Data Ethics for the Digital Age”.

“We can’t talk about data ethics without touching upon diversity. Data ethics, diversity and inclusivity are three pillars for developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that have a positive impact in users’ lives.” — Victoria Yasinetskaya


Barcelona FinTech City

4YFN is the place to be for anyone interested in supporting startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together.

Strands CEO Erik Brieva participated in the Barcelona Fintech City panel to give his viewpoint of the new banking era and the future of finance. He also covered how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is impacting the financial ecosystem, and the main opportunities and challenges the industry is facing with new technologies.

“The value of a FinTech is not about what particular new technology they use, but what problem they are trying to solve so that users can live better lives.” — Erik Brieva


Strands, case study for R+D+i

Together with a representative from F. Iniciativas, Strands CFO presented Strands as a case study for Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of Spain.

“In 2017, Strands obtained the ‘Innovative SME’ seal of approval after demonstrating its capacity for innovation with its own activity.” — Juli Garcia

Strands was the first FinTech to be awarded this official recognition by the Spanish government.


Mobile World Banking: Enhancing the SME-customer Experience

Stranders Cesar Richardson, GM Americas, and Albert Morales, VP Product Management, led the webinar, “Mobile world banking: Enhancing the SME-customer experience”.

They identified the areas in which banks have failed SMEs when it comes to financial services provision, and showcased how tools like Strands BFM are helping small businesses take control of their cash flow, invoicing and income forecasting while providing their banks with valuable insights about how to serve them better.

“Our Strands BFM is a platform that many of our financial institution clients customize in order to fit their preferences.” Cesar Richardson

“Banks have a lot of internal and external data. We help them synthesize and normalize this data to get powerful insights. This is what Strands brings to the table.” Albert Morales

Missed the webinar? Contact our experts.

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Erik Brieva honored as “50 Most-Admired CEOs” in the U.S.

Erik Brieva honored as “50 Most-Admired CEOs” in the U.S.

Strands CEO Erik Brieva has been selected as one of the “50 Most-Admired CEOs” in tech

The Technology Headlines, a premium US-business and technology magazine, published from Texas, has featured Erik Brieva as one of the 50 leading CEOs across the technological industry.

In the first edition of 2019, the magazine highlighted Strands CEO in the cover and reviewed the story of his journey, his decision-making process, his competitive strategy, and much more.

Carlos Chavez, editor-in-chief of The Technology Headlines said: “It was a great pleasure reviewing these CEOs, as they all had inspiring as well as thought-provoking stories to share.”

Nicole Anderson, Senior editor at the Technology Headlines further added: “Our editorial team has not only selected the CEOs that are at the forefront of bringing a change in the industries, but also the entrepreneurs that are committed to adding value to customers.”

In the interview, Erik Brieva emphasises the qualities he values most in a leader: leading by example, passion and the ability to engage your team. He recounts his journey with Strands, and talks about how to promote new ideas and innovation within the enterprise.

“It is important that everybody understand that, beyond their everyday tasks, and beyond personal goals and project objectives, they are all contributing to a more global and strategic goals.”


“In 2019, Strands will continue scaling up worldwide and consolidating our position in the market with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that will keep disrupting the financial industry.”


About The Technology Headlines

The Technology Headlines covers major industry trends in the U.S. and APAC markets, and is working alongside leading players to document the opinions and the expectations of the global tech community.

It also supports the established players in the market to unveil a commercial launch of their new products through its knowledge platform.

Read the full interview

Read the press release

Top Fintech Events in 2019

Top Fintech Events in 2019

Top FinTech Events in 2019

With 2018 behind us, it’s time to head into 2019 with renewed vigor and optimism, especially for those working in tech, finance or banking.

With a new year comes new digital banking and FinTech initiatives, ideas, developments, and of course events and conferences to bring everyone in the industry together.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest developments, hear insightful presentations, and meet peers with whom to network, you will have to attend some of the best Fintech Events planned for this year.

That is why we have put together a list of the Top FinTech Events in 2019. This is a well-rounded and hand-picked international selection of the top FinTech events, conferences, and shows we think are worthy of mention.

Go ahead, add them to your calendar, dust-off your business cards, hone up on your networking skills; this year promises to be an exciting and memorable one.

Top FinTech Events in 2019 (ordered by date):


Paris FinTech Forum 2019

29-30 January, Paris, France

paris fintech forum 2019

Organized by Altéir this event counts on the support of 60+ international partners gathering thousands of attendees from over 70 countries over 2 days in the heart of Paris, to listen to 240+ international CEOs from banks, insurance, telco, regulators and of course FinTechs. The 2018 event had over 150 FinTechs CEOs from all over the world in panels & interviews and on stage dedicated to pitches & showcases. During those two days, the event addressed all key issues at the heart of the news of digital finance in general and FinTech in particular.


Finovate Europe

12-14 February, London, England

finovate europe 2019

This event offers cutting-edge FinTech demos, real-world applications provided by business leaders, hundreds of financial institutions passionate for change, all under one roof. New for this year, a deep-dive Summit Day on AI and Open Banking, a new world-classs venue, and an AI-powered meeting app to help you connect with the people who matter to you.


The 3rd Middle East & Africa FinTech Forum

21 February, Bahrain

fintech forum middle east africa 2019

Following the success of the 2018 edition, the MEA FinTech forum returns on the 21st February 2019. This event brings together a great line up of speakers, leaders, CEOs, innovators, and entrepreneurs, the Third MEA FinTech Forum promises to be the most inclusive and innovative yet. Under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain and hosted by ABC bank and AFS, the forum will present invited guests with a series of unparalleled, world-class experts and pioneers, governors and CEOs, leading discussions around future trends, empowerment and financial inclusion – the future of banking itself.


Fintex Middle East

5-6 March, Bahrain

fintex middle east 2019

Hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain, FINTEX Middle East will feature the largest gathering of world-class companies offering the latest in banking innovation – everything from digital banking software to cloud computing; data analytics to artificial intelligence; cybersecurity to blockchain; and payments to biometrics. FINTEX Middle East is not just another FinTech conference; it is a marketplace of ideas and connections, an event guaranteed to drive impact. Whether you are a disruptive bank CIO, an established tech vendor or a rising FinTech startup, FINTEX is one event you don’t want to miss this year.


Mobey Forum

6-7 March, Copenhagen, Denmark

mobey forum copenhagen 2019

Mobey events are designed for innovation-focused banks, financial institutions, and FinTechs. They create content and insights that you cannot Google. Their events are appreciated for open conversations, effortless networking and an agenda that inspires strategic takeaways. Mobey Forum is the global industry association empowering banks and other financial institutions to lead the future of digital services and connect industry thought leaders to identify and understand commercial drivers for better customer experience. The Member Meeting event in Copenhagen will discuss partnerships – accelerating innovation and digitalization.


Digital Bank LATAM – Ciudad de México

14 March, Ciudad de México, México

digital banking latam events

Get ready for the first edition of the largest financial technological innovation meeting in Latin America, Digital Bank Mexico City. The event will bring together leaders of the main companies of the financial sector of the country, leading technology companies, and a group of entrepreneurs who will offer different solutions. Digital Bank LATAM opens a space to FINTECH where various Startups, Banks, Financial Services and Traditional Banking Providers converge in an event with space for new trends in Social Behavior and New Technologies.


Money2020 Asia

19-21 March, Singapore, Asia

money2020 asia 2019

This event will cover the entire payments, FinTech, and financial services ecosystem for 3 packed days of building new business opportunities, discovering new industry players and learning the latest disruptions. With over 3500 attendees from more than 1400 companies and 70 countries, representing every sector of the financial services industry, Money20/20 brings together a complete who’s who of the community building the future of money.


Banking Africa:

27-29 March, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

banking africa zimbabwe 2019

The 25th Africa Regional Group Meeting will be an opportunity to take stock of private and public actors’ commitments and major achievements of WSBI African members in digital financial inclusion. The meeting will focus on how WSBI members’ innovation and digital policies contribute to the improvement of their customer journey and, ultimately, to the national level of financial inclusion. Besides MNOs fierce competition, the meeting will consider issues like open banking and APIs and how they will change the banking landscape, leading financial institutions to increasingly partner with FinTech in a never-ending search to bring flexible innovative solutions to their customers.


Efma – Bank + FinTech

2-3 April, Barcelona, Spain


Discover which banks are doing what and with which FinTech, how banks are taking the lead, how other international organizations are successfully integrating new offering and business models in their strategy, together with FinTechs. Efma – Bank + FinTech will present you with the crème de la crème of couples Bank + FinTechs, who will share their best practices to inspire and allow you to benchmark yourself.


Temenos Community Forum

2-4 April, The Hague, Netherlands

temenos community forum 2019

The Temenos Community Forum explores the New Era of Banking by bringing together banking executives, industry experts, FinTechs and partners together with Temenos experts and leaders. Learn what is changing in the industry – hear from over 30 industry experts on the latest trends in the industry. Hear client success stories – over 1,000 banks and financial institutions from a wide cross-section of regions and segments will be sharing their challenges and they will have over 25 client success story presentations.


Seamless FinTech

10-11 April, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

seamless middle east 2019

Seamless is the region’s leading payments and commerce technology conference and exhibition. The event has separate conference agendas covering the world of Payments, FinTech, E-commerce, Retail, and Identity. With over 10,000 annual attendees and a world leading strategic conference, the exhibition will welcome market-leading industry players from banks, exchange houses, insurance, telcos, merchants, enterprise, government, FinTechs, and tech startups, all looking to procure and collaborate with the latest tech and services on the market.


Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS)

29-30 April, London, England

innovate-finance global summit 2019

IFGS 2019 will focus on the key areas enhancing, empowering and safeguarding the FinTech sector today and in the years to come. You will hear from the best of industry on developments in technology, the talent and skills gap, the importance of diversity and new sessions for this year, including Green Finance and Embedded Finance, plus much more.



8-10 May, San Francisco, California

finovate spring 2019

The Finovate Group is a research and events firm focused on innovation in financial and banking technology. FinovateSpring will have 1300+ attendees. 60+ firms demoing and 120+ expert speakers covering banking tech, payments tech, lending tech, community banking, artificial intelligence, and customer experience. Finovate is curated, fast-paced, and gets right to the point. And they’ve been delivering value for over 10 years.


Money2020 Europe

3-5 June, Amsterdam, Netherlands

money2020 europe 2019

An event not to be missed for the smartest visionaries and innovators, Money20/20 is where the payments, FinTech, and financial services industries come together to connect and build the future of money. From industry institutions to up-and-coming innovators, everyone is here. Businesses come together to explore unique regional insight and trailblazing enterprise, seizing the opportunity to meet the person or land the deal that will change the trajectory of their business.



10-12 June, Dublin, Ireland

moneyconf 2019

Every year since 2015, the world’s leading bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and FinTech experts have gathered at MoneyConf. MoneyConf is organized by the team behind the world’s largest tech conference, Web Summit. Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”. Over two days, 5,000 attendees from over 60 countries will network and learn from the industry’s leading lights. Expect insightful keynotes, hands-on workshops, and incredible evening networking opportunities.


The Future Of FinTech 2019

11-13 June, New York, NY

future of fintech cbinsights 2019

The Future of FinTech is where financial services giants, FinTech startups and VC Investors from around the world come together to define the future of financial services. If you want to be connected to the ideas and people that are revolutionizing financial services, you need to be at the Future of FinTech. With senior executives from every financial company in the S&P 500 and innovators, disrupters and execs from 31 countries and 6 of the 7 continents (sorry Antarctica) joining us, The Future of FinTech brings together a global audience of the biggest players in financial services.


Efma – SME Banking Summit

13-14 June, Vienna, Austria


First held in 2004, the annual Efma SME Banking Summit has become a must-attend annual event that focuses on the challenges facing SMEs in the evolving retail financial services landscape. From 13-14 June, the 2019 summit in Vienna will provide the perfect platform for Efma’s members to meet SME leaders and work together to define a strategy and roadmap for their SME banking success.


Digital Banking

19-21 June, Austin, Texas

digital banking texas 2019

With 1,500+ senior level executives from financial institutions, credit unions and FinTech providers from both the US and around the globe, Digital Banking 2019 will inspire you with exceptional content, live demos, encourage conversations through their various networking opportunities and promises to be an innovative and forward thinking three-day event. You will hear from experts in and out of the industry as they share their insights on what the future of digital banking looks like.



25-26 June, London, England

moneylive digital banking 2019

From the wider impact of open banking and APIs, to the unyielding power of AI and data analytics, they’ve got everything covered. Providing practical advice through case studies, development stories and panel discussions, this event is for senior executives to discover how technology is transforming banking as you know it. Strategies are formulated, partnerships are created and future trends are debated.


Seamless Asia 2019

26-27 June, Singapore, Asia

seamless asia 2019

Built on 23 years of history, from Cards and Payments Asia to Seamless today, this event is about the entire commerce eco-system. It is about the big ideas, market disruptors, top industry trends and technologies on which the future marketplace will operate. Discussions about payments, e-commerce, smart retail, financial inclusion, banking and card technology, digital ID and solutions will take place. Expect to see over 350 leading industry speakers with 150 technology companies showcasing the latest payments, banking, FinTech, credit card, e-commerce and retail technology solutions.


Fintech Junction 2019

26-27 June, Tel Aviv, Israel

Now in its 3rd year, FinTech Junction has become Israel’s largest and leading conference on technology and innovation in the financial industry. This year they’re expecting 1,500+ professional attendees from Israel and from around the world: CXO’s, entrepreneurs, investors, innovation and fintech leaders from the leading startups, fintechs, banks, financial institutions, hubs, accelerators and investment companies, private, public, and government-owned. If you plan to attend you can use our Discount Code: STRANDS20OFF


MoneyLive Digital Banking Asia 2019

2-3 July, Singapore, Asia

moneylive digital banking apac 2019

MoneyLive Digital Banking APAC is the place for you if you want to connect with senior executives from the biggest banks, cutting-edge FinTechs, Tech Titans and neo-banks across the Asia Pacific region. 2019 will feature not-to-be-missed perspectives from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and more. Answer those burning questions and network with the experts working in subjects including artificial intelligence, customer experience, open banking, payments, and digitalization.


Seamless East Africa

2-4 September, Nairobi, Kenya

seamless africa 2019

Seamless East Africa, now in its 5th edition, has proven to be the flagship FinTech event of East Africa. The event has grown year-on-year, bringing together 800+ payments, banking and FinTech professionals to Nairobi from across 45 countries. Their audience consists of 83% decision-makers and influencers and is represented by all major banks in East Africa.


EFMA Retail Banking Summit 2019

6-7 November, Singapore, Asia


The Fifth edition of Efma’s Retail Banking Summit in Asia will focus on the key priorities and most pressing challenges faced by the banking industry in the region. Like previous editions, this year’s event will bring together the most successful banks and companies in the retail financial services ecosystem from Asia and across the world. This event is an opportunity to learn from the top leaders about how they are doing it, and what would be the best strategy to go about it. They will also feature the most disruptive innovations and best practices in digital transformation.


Digital Bank LATAM – Santiago

19 November, Santiago, Chile

digital banking latam events

Get ready for the new edition of the largest financial technological innovation meeting in Latin America, Digital Bank Santiago. The event will gather in Chile the leaders of the main companies of the financial sector of the country, leading technology companies and a group of entrepreneurs who will offer different solutions. Digital Bank LATAM opens a space to FinTech where various Startups, Banks, Financial Services and Traditional Banking Providers converge in an event with space for new trends in Social Behavior and New Technologies.


SME Finance Forum Annual Conference

Date and Location to be confirmed

sme finance forum 2019

The SME Finance Forum works to expand access to finance for small and medium businesses. The Forum operates a global membership network that brings together financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation, and promote the growth of SMEs.


Look forward to bumping into you at one (or more) of these events!