Strands In Vienna for SME Banking Summit

Strands In Vienna for SME Banking Summit

Just this past week, Strands’ Carlos Gomez, a Business Development Manager EMEA, met with various SME leaders and shared insights at the 2019 EFMA summit in Vienna. Covering big topics such as AI and machine learning, bank and FinTech partnerships, and a cross-functional approach, the summit is the perfect venue to discuss a roadmap strategy for successful SME banking.

Mastercard’s Marcus O’Toole and Strands’ Luis Rodriguez share their advice.

Furthermore, Mastercard VP Global Small Business Segment Europe and Strands’ Chief Product and Innovation Officer presented a speech titled “Small Business Banking? Rather Small Business Platform” to emphasize how to create a successful ecosystem. Maximizing value creation for all players is the heart of what Mastercard and Strands’ small business platform brings to the table.

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Strands Wins the Bronze at SPD Bank Global Innovation Jam 2019

Strands Wins the Bronze at SPD Bank Global Innovation Jam 2019

Let’s head over to the other side of the globe for a minute. Shanghai Pudong Development (SPD) Bank, which is ranked 33rd in China, launched their second SPD Bank Global Innovation Jam 2019 this past May 28th. Alongside partners which include Temenos, Teradata, Microsoft and Pactera, SPD Bank evaluated 113 nominated solutions including big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, and blockchain.

Of those innovative solutions, only 12 companies’ solutions were named to a shortlist of finalists. Strands was one of the only two foreign companies that reached the final round of competition, marking a major milestone for the company in the Greater China Market. We are proud to announce that Strands won the bronze award, raising appraisal from SPD for driving a personalized banking experience.  


Congratulations to the Strands Kuala Lumpur branch for their recognition, and the Validata Group, who took home the silver!

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A Snapshot of Strands Kuala Lumpur: FinTech Expo

A Snapshot of Strands Kuala Lumpur: FinTech Expo

Singapore and Suzhou are renowned business hubs, and as such it’s no surprise that innovative technology is a main focus. As cities positioned to be future-centric, both demonstrate interest in the growth of cutting-edge technology and FinTech services.

Through Temenos Asia Pacific, Stranders from the Kuala Lumpur branch were invited to the inaugural Sino-Singapore FinTech Expo, which took place from May 15-16th in Suzhou, China. What’s exciting is a number of major banks from China, approximately 20, were in attendance and Strands Kuala Lumpur grasped this opportunity to showcase our innovative Strands product suite.

This area shows great potential for growth, as Suzhou and Singapore’s FinTech associations recently signed a memorandum of understanding in support of mutual growth in FinTech for both countries. With over 5000 local and international attendees at the Sino-Singapore FinTech Expo, this event successfully facilitated the exchange of expertise between industry leaders. As this FinTech ecosystem now expands, Stranders can look forward to additional summits and seminars in the Southeast Asian FinTech space.

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Mobey Forum Insights: Open Banking Is A Must

Mobey Forum Insights: Open Banking Is A Must

Customers increasingly need all their financial information in one place. With this key point in mind, the Mobey Forum looks towards the future of open banking and offers insight from the entire industry, from both large banks and FinTech firms. Strategic discussion at these events help banks stay ahead of the curve and be in the know for latest field developments.

Just this past March, the Strands Chief Product & Innovation Officer Luis Rodriguez was named to the Mobey Forum 2019 Board of Directors. His expertise lies in Machine Learning and AI in financial services. Luis played a large role in this year’s Mobey Day in Toronto, which focused on monetizing API’s and creating profitable business models.

Luis Rodriguez presented notable results from Mobey’s customer satisfaction survey and relayed his insights about consumers’ readiness for open banking. Furthermore, he moderated the interesting panel discussion “Strategic Options for Banks” with input from experts in the financial space including Mario Brkic from Erste Bank, Erland Sundvor from Eika Bank Group, and Kasper Sylvest from Danske Bank.


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Strands Is Part of the FinTech Conversation at Money 20/20

Strands Is Part of the FinTech Conversation at Money 20/20

The Strands team jetted off to Amsterdam, a city of canals and beautiful buildings, to partake in intriguing conversations and showcases about digital money management at Money 20/20.

Pablo Lacruz and Kevin Kiavué, Business Development Managers at Strands, provided their two cents on bank utilization of data. Representatives at various financial institutions received advice on using data to power their understanding of customers and SMEs needs.

On the other hand, Stranders are proud of their ability to boost ethics and diversity practices within the company and throughout the AI-powered Fintech space. Miriam Ballesteros, the Marketing Director of Strands, shared her insights in a panel presentation at EWPN AMS 2019. The unique aspect of this pan-European conference is that it is a positive area for women working in FinTech & Payments to discuss issues regarding:

  • Bridging the gender gap
  • Inspiring future generations of girls
  • Leadership and female founders

In an exciting event, Mastercard & Strands showcased their brainchild, an AI-powered cash flow solution for small businesses. Mastercard’s digital payments technology, which is integrated with the Strands BFM product, helps condense a torrent of cash flow data into a navigable stream of financial data for small business owners to analyze.

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Finovate Spring Highlights: How Mastercard & Strands help Banks target SMEs

Finovate Spring Highlights: How Mastercard & Strands help Banks target SMEs

The cashflow-centric banking experience for small businesses

Strands and Mastercard paired up to demo at Finovate Spring in San Francisco earlier this month, presenting the SME Cash Flow Manager, fruit of their strategic partnership.   Mastercard’s Jay Singer and Strands’ GM for the Americas, Cesar Richardson took to the stage to present a solution which will help small business better manage their cash flow — the key to their survival — and operate their businesses more effectively.  

82% of small businesses that fail, fail because of poor cash flow management. Jay Singer, Mastercard

The tool combines Strands’ Business Financial Management (BFM), the Engagermachine learning insights engine and Mastercard technology.

With almost 30 million small businesses in the US alone and despite being one of the most lucrative business segments and a potentially huge source of revenue for banks, the SME remains an enigma for banks.  With their combined experience, Strands and Mastercard have developed this innovative solution to tap into the main pain points small businesses face.

Benefits include:

  • Instant credit to solve negative cash flow situations
  • Integrated Mastercard virtual credit card platform for increased online security
  • Connection to third-party accounting software such as Sage and Quickbooks
  • Overall view of entire financial life