Current digital banking trends center around openness and the ability to integrate services for customers. The recent Temenos Greater China Exchange Forum, which occurred on July 18th, discusses this new focus in digital banking. A case study on Judo Bank highlights how Temenos has an agile solution that would have the ability to move core banking to the cloud.

The Greater China President for Temenos, Jun Zhu, took the stage to discuss upcoming value propositions. These include having real-time data and analytics, a change management platform, and a training repository. 

The Exchange Forum discusses the importance of having an API strategy, agile development, and data intelligence to help transform banks into an open ecosystem. Strands seized this opportunity to share with attendees how the customer can benefit from our expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The company continually innovates in the interest of moving attention from product to person, which is what the industry needs. Strands demonstrated the operation of both the PFM + Engager and the BFM + Engager. 


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