• STRANDS and 5Talks provides a platform for leaders from the Spanish banking sector to come together to debate the future of banking, with a focus on the 5Ts: Technology, Telecommunications, Talent, Transformation and Trends.  
  • The objective is to create a space for open discussion, debate and networking, to attract and develop talent that promotes and inspires change.
  • The event is open to the public and will take place on 30th November at 6pm at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona.

Barcelona, 14 November 2017. – On 30th November, the city of Barcelona will be host to an event entitled Values and Technology: the future of banking.  This event, the first to deal exclusively with the topic of relationship banking, will bring together important names in the banking and technology sectors with a view to discuss proposals to improve the  bank user conversation.   

Spanish banking leaders, together in one space

 “In the future, banks will have an entirely different relationship with their customers. This new paradigm will oblige banks and other companies, including FinTechs, to come together and cooperate for the benefit of the user”, says Erik Brieva, CEO of STRANDS

The agenda will include 15-minute talks by the following keynote speakers:  

Joan Melé. Speaker and promoter of the ethical company and sustainable banks, Melé has been working in association with Triodos Bank since 2006, where he has worked as  Deputy Managing Director and is now a member of the Advisory Board. Author of “Money and Conscience: Who gets the most out of my money*?”. He imparts courses on human economy, ethical finances and leadership in several universities and business schools.

Marcos Eguiguren. Marcos has held managerial roles in both BBVA and Barclays Bank, and worked as a consultant in both Spain and internationally. General Manager of the Global Alliance for Banks with Values since 2015. Cofounder of SingularNet, Professor of Business Administration and Economics at the Catalan Polytechnic University (UPC), and member of the Board at Triodos Bank, he is responsible for strategic development of profitable and sustainable value-based business models.  

María José Jordá. Director of Innovation for the BBVA Group since 2012, she works as part of the New Digital Models Unit and leads a team whose objective is to create new experience models for the client through Design Thinking and close contact with start-ups. Maria José is passionate about change and innovation.  She is convinced the key to creating a sustainable future is collaboration”.

Montse Guardia Güell. With some 20 years’ experience in multinational companies within the IT and operations sector, Montse has spent the last 5 years building bridges between start-ups and multinationals. Before joining her current role at Banco Sabadell, she was based in France, in charge of an international team.

Erik Brieva. Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of more than 10 highly-successful companies in company software, mobile and internet sectors.  Erik has held executive positions such as CEO, CTO, Marketing Director and Product Manager, before becoming CEO of STRANDS Labs.

Once the speeches have finished, there will be a small buffet and the opportunity to debate and network with others.

This event is open to the public, but with limited places available.  Attendees must register on this website.



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